OLS February Frenzy

Welcome to the Frenzy!!!

We have everything in place and are ready to go. To those of you who have participated before, “Welcome Back” and to those of you who are new to this, “Welcome!” Below we have listed a few points of interest, which should be relayed to all your coaches, players, parents, and fans. Following these guidelines will help make your participation in the “Frenzy” an enjoyable one.

The Rules:

    1. Games will begin Friday, February 14, 2020. We try very hard to accommodate all requests when scheduling games. Please review the enclosed schedule to see when your teams are scheduled.

    2. Please DO NOT bring any basketballs into gym. OLS will supply the game ball and all the warm-up basketballs your team will need. Any team, player or fan that brings in a basketball(s) will be instructed by our Staff to return the ball(s) to their car or we can hold them for you in the office until after the game.

    3. OLS will supply the official book and clock. Because of the lack of room at the official scorer’s table for three score books and the game clock, NO individual team scorebooks are permitted to sit at the official scorer’s table. Individual Team scorebooks are invited to sit on their team bench.

    4. Admission: The OLS Gym entrance is on the corner of Academy and Fourth Streets; daily admission charges apply to all games: $2 for Adults, $1 for Students, $5 maximum per family. A weekly family pass can be purchased for $35. Coaches and players will not be charged to enter the gym.

    5. Team meeting areas will be available for all teams. We encourage all teams to hang their coats and warm-ups in these rooms and not leave clothing lying around the bench areas. Please be respectful of other teams property and dispose of any garbage your may have created.

    6. Fans will be advised to mute/vibrate their cell phones during the games. We also ask that no electronic hand held toys (i.e. Game Boys) be played during the game, especially during foul shots.

    7. GIL League rules will be in effect. For those schools that do not participate in the GIL please be aware that the JV Boys play with an official size Men’s basketball not a Women’s 28.5 size basketball.

    8. JV boys can only press in the last two minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters and any necessary overtimes. No press if the lead is more than 20 points.

    9. The JV Girls are only allowed to press in the last 2 minutes of the game if there is 10 point or less lead. This rule would also apply to an overtime period if necessary.

    10. If a game is lopsided (+20 pts) coaches are expected to make adjustments to their lineup and play calling to prevent exceeding a 30 point margin of victory.

    11. We will supply pinnies to Lower Seed team if uniform colors are the same.

    12. No one is allowed anywhere in the school building other than the gym, locker rooms or designated food/concessions areas.

    13. The GIL Fan behavior policy is in effect at all games. The OLS Security Staff reserves the right to remove any individual from the building for un-sportsmanlike conduct.

    14. Coaches must stay in “the box” during the game. Please refrain from standing in front of the scorer’s table.

    15. Only Head Coaches may address the officials at any time.

    16. Only one coach may stand in front of the bench area when the ball is in play.

    17. Spectators are not allowed on the court during timeouts, half time, between quarters or before and after games.

    18. During every game we will hold Half-Court Shots for $1 with various prizes.

    19. Official February Frenzy T-Shirts will be on sale throughout the week as long as supplies last. This shirt will have the official 2020 Frenzy logo on the front and the names of all the participating schools on the back.

    20. Two concession stands will be open during the games serving cold & hot drinks, snacks, candy, pretzels, hot dogs, burgers, fries, as well as daily special hot meals.

Please check the Frenzy web site on a daily basis for tournament results. We look forward to a great tournament. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you, your teams, and your fans at any time during the tournament.